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Welcome to Fortis Investments.

One of the UKs top leading players in the investment market.

Our aim - help our clients grow their income through investments. We introduce and showcase the best opportunities which maximise your capital growth.


When you first start as a client, your personal Investment Manager will spend time getting to know you.

Our investment services are tailored for all types of individuals to ensure your wealth in managed with expertise, giving you financial security whether your goals are to target income or for long terms capital growth.


We dedicate time to understand our customers situation and determine the short and long-term ambitions while providing flexibility in the investments. Our investment portfolios are designed to achieve optimal return, inside your own tolerance to risk.


Portfolio Management

Our investment professionals will build and run a personalised portfolio on your behalf, without needing to ask for your permission each time they want to make an adjustment.


Our trading team combines fast, responsive action with exquisite service.

Bindiya Solanki, Mrs

I have known Alex for nearly 3 years, what I have understood about him, is that he is hard working, dedicated and loves his profession. An example of this is the hours and hours of research he puts into companies, he had picked the COVID stocks that we are now in months before anyone had even heard of COVID.

Kieron Ronan, Mr

I fully recommend Fortis Investments, the advice and guidance provided by Alex and his team has given me the confidence to invest and receive the benefits from the investments.